Interior & Exterior Auto Detailing Services

You will always receive professional auto detailing services from T's Auto Salon. We have been in business for 1 year, but with years of experience in the detailing industry, we know how to clean your car right the first time or we will do it again. Our company is family-owned-and-operated by Antonio Almeida, with competitive prices about 10% lower than our competitors! Come by and see us today, conveniently located next to the Police Station.

Interior Detailing

• Q-tipping the vents
• Stain removal
• Steam cleaning carpets
• Condition rubber around trunks
• Conditioning leather seats
• Cleaning doorjambs, panels, & dash panels
Interior Detailing

Call the Professionals

When it comes to detailing your vehicle, we do it all, including buffing and waxing the exterior. This will remove any old wax and minor scratches your vehicle may have, and it will also remove any tar or road buildup. We also wash the interior and exterior of your windows, and for trucks, we will clean out the inside, as well as steam clean the carpets.

Visit us at our hand carwash in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, for interior and exterior auto detailing.